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Sandy Mubarak

Your product has enabled me to have complete control of pristine sanitation practices inside and outside the vessel. Cost effective re-usability for many years without wine compromise experienced with used barrels. Ease of storage without barrel maintenance while empty between uses. Sampling for testing is now quick, simple and sanitary without need of opening and consequent air exposure I have much better control of what type and how long I keep my wine on oak. I have seen much more clarity of wine flavors, complexity of berry flavors are more fully retained.
Bottom line is we are winning multiple awards every year for the clarity and complexity of our wine. It enables the winemaker to do the absolute best to bring quality grapes to exquisite wines. Thank you for bringing us this sustainable and affordable improvement on the world’s fine wines.
I have new oak equivalent each year without the potential for contamination from the barrels. The cleaning and labor is so much easier. I do not have to lift the tanks and I can crawl right inside for cleaning.

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