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SV3 - Micro-Sample Valve

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A Flextank exclusive, this US designed and manufactured valve is loosely modeled after light aircraft fuel test valves. A spring loaded piston is depressed using the tool provided to allow wine to flow from the valve. The O ring seal is protected inside the body of the valve. When closed, the wine track may be completely flushed with sulfur solution from the outside using a squeeze bottle. It may also be used for introducing sparging gas into the wine.

The micro-sample valve screws into a molded-in insert for more convenient installation and service removal.

Includes: Micro Sample Valve, Dust Cover, Valve Wrench and Hex Wrench

Package pricing is available when drain valve, sample valve and a ferment lock are ordered together with a tank. (Cat. # AK1, AK2, AK3, AK4)

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