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S16 Floating Skin for EM30

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**Skins come sealed and ready to use as is; do not open with knife. Skins are ready to use do not open unit, use good practice of sanitizing prior to placing in tank***Skins are intended for single use only***

Floating “skins” are made to fit the cross section of a particular tank. They are floated on top of the wine to reduce absorption of oxygen from the tank headspace when the tank is partially filled. They should be used in conjunction with gassing the headspace with an inert gas such as nitrogen or argon. It is recommended that tanks be at least two thirds full when using skins to create a variable capacity tank. Partially filled tanks should be expected to use up sulfur at a more rapid rate than full units.

The skins are made by welding two sheets of polyethylene film together over a foam core. Each sheet has a co-extruded oxygen barrier so the skins can be totally sealed.

If a buoyant oak adjunct product is in use with a partial fill, it will be necessary to attach a sinker to the oak or it will prevent effective use of the skin.

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