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RE1 - Racking Elbow for 1.5" Valve

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The racking (rotating) elbow fits through a 1.5” or 2.0” tank flange. You must install the racking elbow before you fill the tank. The racking elbow will need to have your butterfly valve installed. The handle for turning the elbow is mounted parallel to the tube to provide an index of the tube position in the tank.

To rotate the elbow, you will have to loosen the TC clamp taking care not to loosen to much. The white Teflon gasket will allow you to turn the elbow left or right to drain the tank while leaving sediment on the bottom of the tank.
RE1 includes a Tri-Clamp Racking Elbow 1'' Tubing, 1.5'' TC Inlet and 1.5'' TC Outlet with 1.5'' Teflon Gasket and 1.5'' Clamp (fits 1.5 in. Racking Port Kit).

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