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PL1 - Pallet and Lug for Warehouse Racking

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The two-way entry reinforced pallet is designed to support a load of up to 3300 lb. when straddling support beams 42 in. apart in a standard warehouse setting, similar to the systems widely used in “big box” stores. A four-high stack where six Pallets are supported and two are at ground level is well within the load capability of a properly specified system. The total load for 24 DM80 tanks full of wine placed on 6 pallets is approximately 17,500 lb. including the tanks and pallets. See or for details on pallet racking systems.

The contoured center “lug” shown nests either the DM80/DH80 or EM70/EH70 tanks as shown. The lug is bolted to the base and strapping the tanks makes for a secure load.

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