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LIMITED TIME: The Complete 5-Barrel Replacement Discount Package!

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For a limited time get everything you'll need to efficiently replace 5 oak barrels in one discounted package (available while supplies last). If you are looking to make a switch from expensive, disposable French oak barrels this package is one to grab! It comes with everything recommended to ferment and mature 300 gallons of wine (5-barrel equivalent). Our most popular 300 Stacker Maturation Tank has an OTR of 9mg/l/year (similar to a 2-year old barrel) and is thoughtfully packaged with 2 bundles of our Tight-Grain French Oak FlexStaves, a complete drain valve kit, a Tassilini Sample Valve and our FL2 Fermentation Lock for one-way pressure release to create a kit that has everything you need to scientifically replicate wine created in a 2-year French oak barrel for a fraction of the cost!

'The Complete Barrel-Replacement Discount Package' Includes:

(1x)Flextank 300 Gallon Maturation Weight Stacker with Cage

(2x) French Oak Stave Bundles - Tight Grain Barrel

(1x) AK2T - Combo 6-Bolt Flange Accessory Kit 2 in. (Includes VF2, BV4 and SV1T)

(1x) FL2 Fermentation Lock

Stackable - 3 high when full.

These tanks feature a stacking cage that allows convenient movement or stacking with a fork truck. The tanks may also be elevated on a fork truck to facilitate gravity racking.

Space Efficient.

The 40 x 48 in. (1000 x1200 mm) footprint and 3 high stacking allows the equivalent of 15 barrels of wine to be stored in just 13.3 sq. ft. or 1.2 sq. m. In the typical winery situation storage is at least twice as space efficient with these tanks compared with stacked barrels.

Dimensions: 40x48
Height: 53 inches
Weight: 175 lbs

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