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BH4 - Bulkhead Fitting Kit 2.0 in.

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Flextank designed bulkhead fittings allow a Tri-Clover butterfly valve to be positioned anywhere on our tanks. These fittings are most often used for attaching racking valves. They are rugged high quality fittings machined from a stainless steel billet, produced in limited quantities and consequently relatively expensive. The 2 in. unit uses a stainless steel retaining nut as a precaution against galling on the large diameter thread. This fits all tank products

These accessory kits include a 2.0 in. Bulkhead Fitting Kit (BH2), 2 in. Tri-Clamp, 2 in. Tri-Clamp Gasket, and 2 in. Tri-Clamp Blank.

Package pricing is available when drain valve and sample valve are ordered together with a tank. (Cat. # AK3, AK3T, AK4 & AK4T)

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