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ALS1 - Apollo Lift Strap and Spreader Bar Assembly

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The ALS1 is a simple but elegant solution for lifting Flextank’s “Apollo” fermentor and tipping pomace into a bin or press basket.

It consists of a heavy duty galvanized steel channel spreader bar that fits atop forklift tines and a heavy duty webbing strap that the tank is suspended from.

The steel channel is curved at each end so that the lifting strap hangs vertically without encountering any sharp edges.

Sewn in loops in the strap fit over the pivot points on the Apollo and provide sufficient friction to easily control a hand rotated tank containing drained pomace.

Pomace may be dumped into a bin or directly into a press basket.

The nylon strap has a rated capacity of 6400 lbs. for a 3X safety factor if lifting a full tank. Instructions are sewn into the strap eye.

ALS1 Lift Bar 47'' x 3'' x 8'' tall

The strap may be purchased separately as Cat. No. ALS2.

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