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300 Gallon Flat Bottom SupaTuff Bin

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The Flextank SP-300F SupaTuff Bin comes in a 2,000 lbs. capacity.The SP-300F is nestable and stackable with a lid. The plastic bins two piece construction allows for a flat bottom with or without the legs to make them perfect a variety of uses for food handling and ideal for use in agricultural harvesting, grape storage, fermentation, field bin and food processing applications.


FDA Approved polyethylene resin

Bins come standard with stack lids

4-way forklift and 2-way pallet-jack entry

One-piece construction, seamless and easy to clean (SP160S & SP300S)

Ideal for small batch fermentation (1/2 Ton and 1 Ton)

SP160 nest (8) high / SP300 nest (4) high empty, w/ lids for shipping

SP160 & SP300 compatible for stacking and nesting

Material Handling Applications Include:

Agricultural Field Harvesting

Food Processing (meat, poultry, fish...)



Dry Goods and many others

Volume: 300 Gallons / 1135 Liters
Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Weight: 170 Lbs
Outside Dimensions: L52"x W45"x H50"
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