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30 Gallon Eco Tank Kit

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Intended for both the home winemaker and small lot use or topping wine storage in larger establishments the 30 gallon ECO tank shares the performance attributes of our larger Maturation tanks. The 6 inch opening provides great access for cleaning or addition and removal of oak adjuncts. The lid opening is large enough to use this tank as a punch down red fermentor. *Lid will need to be tightened to 25 foot pounds for an airtight seal* This kit also comes with a French Oak Stave, an American Oak Stave, and shipping is included anywhere in the continental USA. Your Go-To Wine Making Kit and Hard Cider Making Kit.

These tanks can be worked entirely through the top opening or using a full range of high quality valve accessories. Molded in inserts provide a rugged and reliable valve flange attachment point.

Diam.: 16 inches
Height: 45 inches
Weight: 22 lbs

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