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15 Gallon Eco Tank Kit

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The EM15 is our new 15 gallon Flextank designed for smaller batches, home use, experimenting and topping. It is totally fitted with a quality stainless steel 1/2 inch ball valve, hose barb and ferment lock. This kit also comes with a French Oak Stave, an American Oak Stave, and shipping is included anywhere in the continental USA. Your Go-To Wine Making Kit and Hard Cider Making Kit.

*Lid will need to be tightened to 25 foot pounds for an airtight seal*

*To attach the valve using the wrench and screws from the kit provided, simply line up the gasket behind the flange and tighten each screw on the flange in alternating order to ensure a tight and even fit. (top left, then bottom right, then top right, then bottom left, etc.)



Diam.: 16 inches
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 16 lbs

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