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Here are some dimensions for some of our most popular tanks (full list at the bottom of this page):

Where are Flextank vessels manufactured?

All of our tank products are manufactured in Vancouver, Washington USA. Easily shipped from one of our many stocking
facilities nationwide

Can I use Flextank vessels for making white wine?

Originally designed for red wine maturation, Flextank vessels are increasingly used in the production of white wine.
Winemakers have used both the regular maturation weight vessels and “heavyweight” vessels in white wine production.

Why the 19” (48cm) manway instead of a 16” screw top?

The Flextank Patented Dexter Lid System is leak proof and does not need a special tool to close like screw top tanks. This
system also purges all air from the tank when topped off and will not leave any trapped air as normal for screw top lids. Much
easier to clean with no threads to clean and sanitize; overall just a better system.


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