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“Winemakers . . . are often pressured to do things like reduce staff costs, or costs generally . . . Wine is a social beverage – its production should be social too.” – Oliver Styles, winemaker at Winemaker Halcyon Wines- Hawke’s Bay NZ

“There is also the battle to reduce costs yet increase quality. We need to be profitable to be successful but defend what we need to successfully create wines of quality and distinction.” – Mark Beaman, Winemaker, Kenwood Vineyards

“Sustainability is becoming key. Organics. biodynamics, natural winemaking, to paperless systems. Everything we can do to reduce waste and give back and nurture the land and sky the better.” – Paul Dawick, Head Winemaker at Mills Reef,

“. . . we need to see a new wave of winemakers who are focused on innovation, sustainability, and inclusion.” – Lauren Barrett, Principal Consultant, By and By Solutions LLC

“. . . many grape growers are demanding better terms and that wineries provide picking bins, and arrange and pay for trucking among other things.” – Aaron Lieberman, Winemaker at Iris Vineyards

These, and other notable winemakers and industry consultants, chimed in to answer the question, “What are the current challenges winemakers are facing?” In Sommelier Business this week.

A top theme that these wine experts shared was that there need to be improvements in productivity and sustainability for wineries to remain competitive in today’s changing market.

Craft beverage makers need a solution to this challenge. And it’s right here.




Winemakers in the Know – Know Flextank.

Wineries, cideries, spirits, mead and craft beverage makers worldwide rely on Flextank for efficient, controllable, sustainable production. Flextanks are:

  • Cost effective – Reduce barrel costs, labor, space and time. Deliver higher revenue.
  • Efficient – Easier to move, store, stack and clean. Provide increased productivity.
  • Controllable – Breathe like a barrel.
  • Award-Winning – Hundreds of craft beverage makers have won industry awards using Flextank.
  • Proven – After more than 25 years, 95% of all Flextanks are still in use by thousands of operations.
  • Sustainable – Include a lifetime guarantee. Eliminate extensive cleaning, water and chemical use.


It’s easy to transport empty or full Flextanks to different locations within the operation, including fermentation, blending, fining, maturation, production and cleaning stations.

Affordable. Efficient. Production.

Flextanks, made from polyethylene, are flexible and versatile vessels. Flextanks are recognized industry-wide for their sustainability, all-stage production and aging flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of handling. For every stage of the winemaking process – from harvest to bottling.

The Flextank vessels are engineered to provide higher production capability in less space. This production efficiency helps winemakers, cidermakers and craft beverage makers boost the capacity of their barrel rooms, reduce bottle costs and increase revenue.

Flextanks are manufactured with the highest quality FDA and European Food Safety Authority-approved, North American resins.



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  1. Put it to Work

Your advisor will follow up to ensure you have all the information, planning and resources needed to complete your project.

Flextank can help wineries and craft beverage makers. It’s easy. Give us a call at + 1-360-450-2694

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  • Cost effective– Reduced barrel costs, labor, space and time. Higher revenue.
  • Sustainable– Lifetime guarantee. Eliminate extensive cleaning, water and chemical use.
  • Efficient– Easier to move, store, stack and clean. Increased productivity.
  • Controllable– Breathe like a barrel.
  • Award-Winning– Hundreds of craft beverage makers have won industry awards using Flextank.
  • Proven– Over 25 years, 95% of all Flextanks are still in use by thousands of operations.
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