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How To Incorporate FlexStaves into Your Winemaking for a True Oak Barrel Replacement


Each stave bundle pack is tied together with a stainless steel strap. Each bundle has the same level of oak to wine contact as compared to using a new 59 gallon barrel. The number of bundles used is a function of tank size and the percentage of new barrel equivalent the winemaker desires. As the staves absorb the wine, they sink into the tank over time. Bloom during extraction is normal, mixing prior to sampling is essential.

Cellar Recommendations:


  1. Preform all normal barrel operations for the Flextank system.
  2. Leave no headspace.
  3. Perform regular chemical tests.
  4. So2 as needed.
  5. Strictly monitor of microbiological conditions.
  6. Rack as needed.

Recommended Time of Contact:

Minimum 4-8 months, to be monitored by tasting. To achieve barrel results, longer aging is often needed.

Additional notes:

  1. Always off-gas a fresh fermentation. Venting might be necessary.
  2. On first fill, Flextanks will have a resting and settling period. The tank will stretch during this period, about 1-2 weeks. This will allow the tank to achieve equilibrium with the volume of liquid. Because of Flextanks’ engineering NO additional liquid is passed through the walls and topping is rarely needed. Topping will occur in the case of sample replacement or oak removal. In this case, add wine as needed.
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