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Food Grade IBC

vs. Flextank


Round #1: Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR)

(Cross section taken from standard IBC)

Food Grade IBC

IBCs can be made from various materials like plastic or composite.

IBCs are made for the purpose of transportation and storage of oxygen-resistant liquids like greases, oils, wastewater, chemicals, solvents and more.

The wall thickness of an IBC is thin, variable and unpredictable. IBCs are not created to control oxygen permeability.

If wine is placed in an IBC, it will be exposed to more than quadruple the amount of recommended oxygen, potentially ruining wine within just a few days.

The wall thickness of an IBC is variable and unpredictable, with a typical OTR of over 40 mg/liter/year.

(Cross section taken from Flextank)

Flextank (Winner!)

Flextanks are made from high-density, food-safe polyethylene.

Flextanks are scientifically designed for the purpose of fermenting, maturing, and transporting oxygen-sensitive beverages including wine, cider, spirits, and meads.

The wall thickness of a Flextank is uniform and comes in two OTR options. Both are recommended for winemaking.

Flextanks are specially designed to control oxygen permeability in your choice of:

Maturation Weight (9mg/liter/year – similar to a 2-year old barrel)

Heavyweight (6mg/liter/year – similar to a neutral barrel)

Round #2: Sterilization/Cleaning
Food Grade IBC

IBCs have uneven and textured walls that leave room for bacterial growth.

IBCs come standard with smaller 6″ openings, making proper cleaning & sterilization a challenge.

Flextank (Winner!)

Flextanks are specially made with smooth tank walls for superior sterilization.

Our Flextank Stackers come standard with a 19″ Dexter Lid opening for easy cleaning access.

Round #3: Tank Lifetime/Cost
Food Grade IBC

IBCs are designed for a 1-year, 1-time use.

For 300 gallons, the cost per year for IBCs (for a 20 year time span) is typically $210-530/year.

Flextank (Winner!)

Flextanks are designed to last a lifetime and come with a lifetime tank warrantee.

For 300 gallons, the cost per year for Flextanks (for a 20 year time span) can be as low as $85/year.

It’s a Knockout!

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