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Oxygen is arguably one of the most important ingredients in many types of beverage making. Beverage makers use Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) as a measure of the volume of oxygen that diffuses through a vessel barrier over a given period of time.  Different beverages benefit from different levels of oxygen. For this reason, Flextanks are available in 2 different tank weight options. Which one is right for your application?

Maturation Weight

  • OTR of 9 mg/liter/year
  • This weight replicates the oxygen transfer of a 2-year old barrel.
  • A popular choice for maturing red wines.


  • OTR of 6 mg/liter/year
  • This weight replicates oxygen transfer of a neutral barrel.
  • The OTR of choice for most white wines, ciders, spirits, and some types of fermenting.
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