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According to the 2023 September Fruit Outlook, grape production for the United States in 2023 is forecast at 6.29 million tons, up 6% from last year and wine-type grape production in California was forecast to be 7.6 billion pounds in 2023, up 12 percent over last year’s drought-stricken crop. Wine grapes were and are being harvested later in the year (August to October) and were not anticipated to be as adversely affected by Hurricane Hilary.

Do you have a big harvest this year?

I need an affordable solution.

Cost is a major factor for smaller wineries when adding vessels. When considering barrels, stainless steel, concrete and poly tanks, you will find poly tanks to be the most affordable every time.

*Be aware: Buying used can sound affordable, but is risky. Used barrels can come with risk of bacterial contamination as well as a lower impartment of oak and used tanks are not warranted by manufacturers.

I need it now.

We understand you don’t want to let your hard-earned harvest spoil waiting for weeks or months on barrels or stainless steel tanks. We’re here to help. Most Flextank orders ship within 24 hours. Flextank purchased directly or through an official dealer comes with a Lifetime Tank Guarantee which can give you peace of mind that with proper care your investment now will last your lifetime. Simply place your order online or give us a call today.

It’s go time!



College intern Arnau Roig from Catalonia, Spain harvesting the 2023 crop at Abecela Winery Oregon using a Flextank 300 Stacker. (Photo courtesy of

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