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Have you wondered about the taste comparison between a Flextank and an oak barrel?  Don’t be ashamed, many of our current customers have also wondered this at one time!  We love making believers out of individuals in the pursuit of winemaking mastery.

Here are some of the top findings from a recent study by Daniel Pambianchi ‘A Comparative Study on the Evolution of Wine Aged for 12 Months in a Flextank vs. a Two-Year-Old Oak Barrel’   

  • “This study demonstrates that, for the first 6 months, the ECO15 Flextank mimics a 55-L (14.5-gal) two-year-old oak barrel from an oxygen transfer rate (OTR) perspective provided that the lid is tightly sealed.
  • The lower phenol content and acidity made the Flextank wine taste smoother after 6 months.
  • There were no organoleptic differences that stood out even though a concentration effect was expected in the barrel wine due to evaporative losses; both wines recorded similar alcohol concentrations throughout the study.

We invite you to view Daniel’s work and the study in it’s entirety here Techniques in Home Winemaking.



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