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Award-winning wines continue to be produced using Flextanks. Our tanks are less costly with more efficient production control than oak or stainless tanks.

Processing Bins

With multiple bins styles and footprints it ensures we have the right bin for you. Our bins can be used in many different applications, including food processing, recycling, disposing of waste by-products, wine fermentation, and Hazardous Material Transport.

FlexTough Hoppers

Single And Two Piece Hoppers. Food grade plastics ideal for nut, grain and agricultural processing.

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Temperature Controls

Manage your ferment temperature with control parts from Flextank.

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Parts / Accessories

Spare parts and accessories are available using the link below:

oak adjuncts, wine stix, wine sticks, wine staves, pack of wine stix, tank products,

Oak Adjuncts

Oak adjuncts for Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc wines. Add consistent oak barrel flavor to our plastic fermentation tanks.

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Squire Fridell

2014 & 2015 President Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance Winemaker, Vineyard Manager CEO, CFO, COO, EIEIO, WINO and Janitor GlenLyon Vineyards & Winery, Two Amigos Wines

Flextanks are an integral part of our winemaking program and have been since the 2008 harvest, when a fellow winemaker suggested them. We bought one 300 gal Flextank Stacker, used it for a year, loved the results and immediately purchased a half dozen more.

We lack space in our winery and the footprint of one Flextank (5 bbls of wine) is less space than two double stacked bbls. And storing them when not in use?  I can stack them outside, three or even FOUR high!

We are currently using them to age both our reds and housing our whites prior to bottling. With the red wines I’ve begun experimenting with oak inserts in the Flextanks and have discovered that I’m needing less new French Oak, thus saving a bunch of cash. What I REALLLY love them for is racking! All we do is raise the FlexTank with a forklift, open the valve and gravity feed from one Flextank to another. And unlike barrels, they are easy to clean and they last forever… I’m sold!

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