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25Years of Experience

Innovative Craft Beverage Production and Storage Solutions

The Benefits Add Up

  • Lightweight and Transportable.
  • Stackable.
  • Adjustable Permeability.
  • Long lasting.
  • Award-Winning.
  • Affordable, effective and efficient.


  • Engineered to provide higher production capability in less space.
  • Effectiveness in fermentation, production, maturation, and cleaning.
  • Deliver efficient, controllable, stackable, sustainable production.
  • Boost capacity, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Flextank advanced oxygen-permeable polyethylene tanks and hoppers are the leading craft beverage fermentation and storage solutions worldwide.

Flextanks help beverage makers and food processing operations have affordable, efficient production. More than 4000 operations worldwide rely on Flextank for efficient, controllable, sustainable production.

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We can help you increase

  • Margin.
  • Productivity.
  • Sustainability.
  • Revenue.

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Run the numbers. See your OpEx benefits. Instantly.

Calculate Your Space/Cost Savings and Revenue Increase.

Use these calculators to help you create space-efficiency, productivity, sustainability and revenue improvements. See how to reduce your OpEx, and increase output and margin.

    • Estimate your projected production, fermentation and maturation volume
    • Visualize current/expanded capacity, storage and output efficiency.
    • Automatically estimate OpEx costs and potential revenue.
    • Send the data right to your personal email.
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Benefits of a Flextank?

Around the world, more than 3500 wineries, and thousands of cider, mead and spirts beverage makers, and food preparation companies rely on Flextanks for effective, controllable, high-capacity and sustainable production.


Complete Solution

Flextanks are engineered to provide a similar Oxygen permeation rate to an oak wine barrel. Flextanks are configured for convenient, high-efficiency use of space in beverage and food processing industries. The Flextank options can help double the production capacity of your space.


Customer Centric

More than 3500 wineries, hundreds of cider, mead and spirts beverage makers, and hundreds of food production companies around the world rely on Flextanks for effective, sustainable production.



Flextanks have a lifetime guarantee, are priced more affordably, and last up to four times longer than oak barrels. Flextank: Better Than Barrels.



Flextanks are built in the United States with the highest quality, most durable North American resins. Flextanks last up to 20 years. More than 95% of all Flextanks produced in the last 23 years are still in use today.



Flextanks were scientifically designed to help wine, cider, mead, spirit-makers create and control award-winning beverages. Flextank solutions are built specifically for beverage making processes.



More than 3500 wineries, hundreds of cider, mead and spirts beverage makers, and hundreds of food production companies around the world rely on Flextanks for effective, sustainable production.


Download the New Flextank Catalog.

Explore Flextanks… the original barrel alternative. Learn how Flextanks allows you to sustainably, efficiently, and productively create award-winning, barrel-quality wines, ciders, meads and spirits..

Flextank: Better Than Barrels.

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We’re Obsessive About Your Success

For 25 years, we’ve built Flextanks to help craft beverage makers to reduce costs and increase productivity, efficiency and revenue. We guarantee and stand behind all our products. Hundreds of wine and cidermakers have received industry awards for their beverages. Your success is our success. We’re with you.

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