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Food & Material Processing. Professional Cider, Mead, Spirit & Winemaking.

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Award-winning wines continue to be produced using Flextanks. Our tanks are less costly with more efficient production control than oak or stainless tanks.

Processing Bins

With multiple bins styles and footprints it ensures we have the right bin for you. Our bins can be used in many different applications, including food processing, recycling, disposing of waste by-products, wine fermentation, and Hazardous Material Transport.

FlexTough Hoppers

Single And Two Piece Hoppers. Food grade plastics ideal for nut, grain and agricultural processing.

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Temperature Controls

Manage your ferment temperature with control parts from Flextank.

flextank parts and accessories, parts for flextanks, valves, gaskets, clamps

Parts / Accessories

Spare parts and accessories are available using the link below:

oak adjuncts, wine stix, wine sticks, wine staves, pack of wine stix, tank products,

Oak Adjuncts

Oak adjuncts for Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc wines. Add consistent oak barrel flavor to our plastic fermentation tanks.

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Clark Smith

Owner, WineSmith Wines & Consulting and Author, Post Modern Winemaking

I consult for over a hundred small wineries and frequently recommend Flextanks.  They breathe like a barrel — unlike a stainless steel vessel, they allow off-gassing as well as oxygen uptake.  In concert with well-selected oak alternatives can yield aging results comparable or superior to a good French Oak barrel at a fraction of the cost.  We prefer their design to other plastic containers because they are designed to be topped and don’t have any air pockets.


The Apollo egg is a wonderfully convenient fermentation vessel, so easy to load, punch down, secure for fruit fly-free extended maceration, and dump into a press.  Its corner-less design make cleaning a breeze.

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