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The revolutionary Flextank system of winemaking was meticulously engineered to give a precision level of linear micro-oxygenation in multiple tank options. This enables winemakers to control various levels of oxygen transfer rate (OTR) which is essential in winemaking.

The semipermeable polymer tank walls have a specific gradient for allowing oxygen molecules to move through the vessel and into the beverage providing micro-oxygenation. However, the molecules you want to retain, such as ethanol and water, are blocked and do not escape a Flextank wall like they do in a traditional barrel. This makes constant cellar humidity monitoring and angel’s share a thing of the past!

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Award-winning wines continue to be produced using Flextanks. Our tanks are less costly with more efficient production control than oak or stainless tanks.


Created in partnership with one of the world’s leading cooperage companies, FlexStaves are bundles of a proprietary blend of 7-14 staves in various profiles designed specifically for use in Flextanks.

Processing Bins

With multiple bins styles and footprints it ensures we have the right bin for you. Our bins can be used in many different applications, including food processing, recycling, disposing of waste by-products, wine fermentation, and Hazardous Material Transport.

FlexTough Hoppers

Single And Two Piece Hoppers. Food grade plastics ideal for nut, grain and agricultural processing.

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Parts / Accessories

Spare parts and accessories are available using the link below:

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Oak Adjuncts

Oak adjuncts for Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc wines. Add consistent oak barrel flavor to our plastic fermentation tanks.

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Don Hagge, PhD

Farmer & Winemaker, VIDON Vineyard, LLC

I used your Stacker Tanks this year for some of my Pinot Noir. In blind tasting I found most people preferred the Flextank made wine over new French oak barrels. I also used the Dexter 80 Gallon cylinders for whites with oak for very short times. People loved these wines too.

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